Ports Edit

Port Royal [cost: $1,500] [level: 1]
Port of Tortuga [cost: $1,000] [level: 1]
Nassau [cost: $1,000] [level: 1]
Port of Monaco [cost: $2,500] [level: 5]
Betrayer's Lagoon [cost: $1,000] [level: 10]
Port Hidalgo [cost: $2,500] [level: 10]
Pepper Island [cost: $10,000] [level: 10]
Rome [cost: $2,000] [level: 10]
Skull Island [cost: $1,000] [level: 15]
Death Island [cost: $5,000] [level: 20]
Isla de Muerta [cost: $3,500] [level: 30]
The Reef [cost: $10,000] [level: 50]
Bonecrushers Bastion [cost: $100,000] [level: 75]
The Arctic Outpost [cost: $10,000,000] [level: 75]
The Lilac Port [cost: $3,000] [level: 90]
Spain [cost: $120,000] [level: 115]
The Cove [cost: $40,000] [level: 140]
East India [cost: $250,000] [level: 200]
Leon's Outpost [cost: $80,000] [level: 300]
Grakkinsnorgle Roost [cost: $100,000] [level: 450]
Buccaneer's Refuge [cost: $250,000] [level: 650]
The Lost Sanctuary [cost: $1,000,000] [level: 900]

Hidden Ports Edit

Discovered ports can only be reached using your own ship, purchased from the Shipyard, which you use at The Docks (unless you like swimming, don't buy a rowboat). You must wait 2 minutes in-between uses of your ship.

Witch Doctor's Lair via Port Royal using Map] [level: 1]
Monaco Sewers After series of quests beginning with The Guards! [level: 1]
Singapore After series of quests beginning with The Tablets [level: 1]
Monaco Jail [level: 5]
House of Pain After The Legend Scroll [level: 10]
Sea Commander's Cove Commander of the Seas [level: 10]
Shores of Honor After My Minions [level: 10]
Shipwreck Cove Grand Warlord Relic [level: 20]
Great Hall of Honor Merit Trophy [level: 150]
The Bazaar via East India after Back Alley Market [level: 200]
The Underworld via The Reef after Underwater Exploration Trophy [level: 200]
Theo's Warm Wetlands after Shiny Beads [level: 300]
Hunters Isle Mark of the Hunter [level: 300]
Cadiz via Spain after Close to Paradise [level: 500]
The Abyss via The Underworld after Tasty Snacks [level: 500]
Jamaica via Tortuga after Collecting Stones [level: 500]
Santa Cruz after Deeper Into the Wild [level: 1500]